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What Ever Happened To Cathy Dennis?

Cathy Dennis in 2013
Biography - Cathy Dennis

Cathy Dennis born in Norwich, England was a pioneering Dance Diva in the early 90's with such hits as Just Another Dream and Touch Me (All Night Long) and had a lot of success in America before finding success in her native United Kingdom. She was born in Norwich, Norfolk in March 1968 and her parents used to own a restaurant in the city. Her father was a heavy musical influence in Cathy's early years, and her brother and sister are also involved in the development of music in some way.

Cathy Dennis was discovered by entertainment guru Simon Fuller, and first appeared as a feature artists with another Fuller act D-Mob in the song 'Come On And Get My Love'. While being signed to the Simon Fuller 19 Entertainment label Cathy has successfully produce three full albums, the last one being in 1996 where she covered The Kinks classic Waterloo Sunset. When her final album bombed in mid 1997, Miss Dennis gave up her own music career and turned to song writing for other artists and first wrote a B-Side for another Simon Fuller act The Spice Girls. Since 2000 Cathy Dennis has had major song writing success co-writing some of the biggest songs in the last decade, including Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head and Britney Spear's Toxic.

Cathy Dennis who rarely appears on TV these days last appeared in the Mystery Guest round on the popular British music quiz Never Mind The Buzzcocks in December 2012, which was hosted by Richard Madeley. She has also appeared as a panel guest twice on the Nevermind The Buzzcocks show where she did a rather hilarious Moonwalk for the entertainment of Mark Lamarr the then host. Cathy has also made a cameo acting role in British kids TV show S Club Miami 7 in 2000, and wrote several of S Club 7's chart-topping songs such as Two In A Million and Never Had A Dream Come True.

In 2008 there was rumored to be a comeback to the music scene for Cathy Dennis, under the band name 'The Sexcassettes' a female group with Cathy being the lead singer. An album was being produced and written by Miss Dennis and a video for the title track was in filming. But after two or three years nothing had materialized and Cathy remained reluctant to return to the limelight.

Cathy Dennis who has never married now tends to live quietly at her home in Kingston Upon Thames, London being a devout songwriter and vegetarian. When she is not writing the theme tune for the American Pop Idol TV show (another Simon Fuller project), she writes pop song for today's top female artists such as Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Sugababes and many more in her personal studio which is built onto her home. She makes several appearances at Music Award ceremonies especially the Ivor Novello Awards, where she is on the committee of judges who decides which music producers and writers are worthy of the coveted awards. She also quite often comes out on stage and gives out an award or two to the latest music writing artists in today's music scene.

What Is Cathy Dennis Doing Now?

Cathy Dennis at Ivor Novello Awards 2014
23rd May 2014

Cathy Dennis attends the annual Ivor Novello Awards Ceremony 2014, in London at the Grosvenor Hotel. Still looking good for her mid-forties with that fiery red head wavy look.

Cathy Dennis 2014
Cathy Dennis 100 Years of Music in 2014

6th March 2014

PRS for Music launched its centenary celebrations in fine style last night with the opening of its 100 Years of Music exhibition at Getty Gallery in central London.
The exhibition is the first of a series of centenary events planned across 2014 by PRS for Music. The programme includes a piece of work to be performed by the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo in the summer and the 100 Years of Music event at the Royal Albert Hall in November.
100 Years of Music at Getty features photographs of many of PRS for Music‘s most notable and prominent songwriters and composer members including Cathy Dennis. 
Cathy Dennis and Imagem
August 1st 2013 

Cathy Dennis has signed a worldwide multi-year publishing deal with Imagem Music UK. Kim Frankiewicz, managing director, Imagem Music said: "Cathy is a great British songwriter with an extraordinary global appeal. She has penned some of the most iconic songs over the past 15 years so we’re very excited to be working with her in the next chapter of her career.” Dennis commented: “I’m very excited to be working with the Imagem team and to expand on my catalogue with new opportunities."

May 16th 2013

Cathy Dennis has recently made her annual appearance at the 2013 Ivor Novello awards at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, 16th May 2013. The ever shy Cathy Dennis now tends to avoid fame and public appearances, but still finds the time to attend this highly acclaimed music award ceremony annually to support fellow music writers and producers.